Dec 2020

Cerebral Palsy Posture Gains

CEREBRAL PALSY POSTURE GAINS from HBS practitioner @fp.piestany
8 months relaxed posture progress from my client Ema (15 years old) with cerebral palsy. Left photo: October 2019. Right photo: July 2020. Both pictures are relaxed and uncued postures. Gait cycle videos are coming soon!

Ema’s testimonial: @functionalpatterns really helps me with my health condition and also with my movement patterns. I would never say that before how can I change my body. It is great improvement for me. My hands aren’t shaking so much like they used to and my back is straighter. I’ve got better control over my body especially my hands. We’ve tried a lot of different training methods but non of them has helped me like FP does. Thank you so much.