Post Acl Surgery Movement Gains

Post Acl Surgery Movement Gains

POST ACL SURGERY MOVEMENT GAINS from Certified HBS practitioner @fp_alex.pennington

1yr running enhancements only FP. John started with me initially wanting to explore the potential of Functional Patterns and to get his body moving and feeling better. Having a background in bodybuilding and an ACL injury 3yrs previous, he had accumulated a lot of poor movement habits, compressions, and aches throughout his body. Completely dedicated, John would drive an hour or more 2x week to work on his dysfunctions. Staying consistent he’s now running faster and moving more athletic than ever. Posterior view to come.

“I started working in the fitness industry about 10 years ago, following all of the social norms and myths surrounding “fitness”. I did a lot of bodybuilding and most of what I did revolved around aesthetics. I continued to educate myself and it lead to health and function becoming the priority. As I got deeper into the rabbit hole I came across Functional Patterns and it was obvious to me that FP was the answer. I found Alex and have made tremendous strides in limited time. Alex has a great understanding of the way the body works and continues to evolve which takes the sessions to new levels. If you are looking to get into FP it is extremely important to have a teacher who is farther along the path to accelerate your growth and simplify the process. Alex cares about the results of his clients and each session is a challenge in focus and will. I’m 3 years post ACL surgery and moving better than I ever did before the injury. If you are thinking about FP and working with Alex is an option, don’t waste any time and get started, you won’t regret it!”

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