Shoulder And Lower Back Decompression Gains

Shoulder And Lower Back Decompression Gains

SHOULDER AND LOWER BACK DECOMPRESSION GAINS from Certified HBS practitioner @fp_tomas.pavlovas

One year training results.

Even though there were lockdowns, we managed to get good structure improvement, reduced lower back and shoulder pain to 0.

Konstantinas' words: ''I started training with Tomas one year ago. At the beginning, my body hardly moved and my brain resisted to a new information and techniques. I felt like I am learning how to move from the beginning. Now, I can tell that @functionalpatterns was the best choise I made for my health. It helped me to improve my mental strength and lifestyle. I can move a lot better, I can balance much easier and I do not feel pain in my lower back and shoulder anymore. I highly recommend Functional Patterns system. You will feel taller and straighter after each training session.''

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