Human Optimization Bundle

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Human Optimization Bundle includes the following three products at a discounted price. You will have access to the content for 365 days from the date you start each course!

Human Optimization Bundle

What's Included:

The 10-Week Online Program

The Functional Patterns 10 Week Online Program will reprogram the way you move down to an unconscious level, addressing the fundamental reasons you likely feel pain in the first place.

The Functional Training System

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life With The Functional Training System! This video series covers the exact step-by-step process to get you into the best shape of your life and keep you there for good.

The Power of Posture E-Book

Unlock the power of human evolution by building a strong foundation of knowledge as it relates to posture. The techniques in this book will transform your life on a neurological and physiological level.

course lessons

Myofascial Release – Week 1-3
30 Lessons
Posture Training – Week 4
30 Lessons
Integrated Corrective Exercises – Week 5-10
30 Lessons
Developing Core Stength
5 Lessons
Developing Glute Based Strength
5 Lessons
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Workout #1: Chest & Triceps
Workout #2: Back & Biceps
Workout #2: Full Body
Workout #1: Chest & Triceps
Workout #2: Back & Biceps

Helping thousands get out of pain

We deliver results for chronic pain, building strength, and more. Join FP today!
Lower Back Comfort Improved

Thoracic outlet syndrome with tingling/numbness in the left arm. Lower back discomfort and scoliotic spine.

Back and shoulder pain improvements

I couldn't run without pain and walking caused my hips and lower back to hurt. I couldn't retract my lower core. I am more flexible now than I was from years of stretching.

lower back pain results

I had lower back pain/glute for years. It would wake me up at night. After 15 months my pain is gone and my strength has increased.

full hip replacement avoided!

Surgeon recommendation was a full hip replacement. Since doing Functional patterns, everything is moving better.

running without pain

My health was steadily declining. I was told I had problems and illness without a solution. I can now run without pain.

scoliosis improvements

I had chronic left QL pain where it felt locked up all the time due tot the extreme bend in my lumbar. I am now pain free in my left QL as my curve has diminished.

Become the optimized version of yourself today

Improve your range of motion, reduce muscle imbalances, and alleviate pain while building strength.

12+ hours of video content
100+ instructional videos
50+ techniques
For all fitness levels
Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and English Subtitles
Unlimited Access for 365 Days







We are known for getting results where other systems have failed.

We offer a 10-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

It took 10's of thousands of hours to develop a completely new way of looking at movement imbalances and developing techniques to correct them systematically. FP improves the way that you move and gets to the source of your problems so that you can continue to work out for a lifetime.

Success Stories


Army Veteran

“Before training FP, I was riddled with pain and inflammation from active duty service. I tried traditional lifting and mobility methods with no success…Only when I started focusing on FP concepts, did I start to feel substantially better.”


Personal Trainer

FP has provided me with the mechanical tools I need to move my body more efficiently through space, without fear of injury occurring.


Martial Artist & Mother

After years of stretching to gain more flexibility and higher kicks, I ended up with a herniated disc in 2009. I struggled to perform day to day tasks. Functional Patterns has been the only system to provide me with the tools to get completely out of pain.


Is there any special equipment required?

Our online programs were designed so that you can grab a few simple tools and get to training wherever you go. The tools utilized to complete the programs included in this bundle include:

• Ankle Weights
• Lacrosse ball or tennis ball
• Medicine ball or basketball/volleyball
• TheraCane or similar massage cane
Mace bell or Broomstick handle
• Foam roller or 4-inch PVC pipe
• Dumbbells (a pair of 5-10 lbs is a good starting point)
Slam Balls (5-10 lbs is a good starting point)
Resistance Band and handle

I am older and out of shape. Is this really for me?

The simple answer is that FP is for you if you are human. We focus on getting you to optimize the precision of the First Four movement patterns, i.e., standing, walking, running, and throwing. No matter who you are or your age or fitness level, you will be doing these things as long as you are alive. So, doesn’t it make sense to learn how to do them well to avoid injuries and live a life free of pain? The 10-week program is precisely the program that teaches you how to do this in easy, bite-size pieces, while the Functional Training System builds on that to help you take your capabilities further than you've imagined possible.

How much time do I need to allocate to this course?

For the best results, we recommend planning to dedicate 45-60 minutes to training sessions and aim to train 3-5 times per week.

Can this help me recover from an injury?

We have helped 1000’s all over the world to overcome chronic pains and reclaim functionality with their body by learning to move better. Instead of focusing on individual symptoms, FP seeks out the root cause of imbalances that prevent optimal system function. When you aim to find balance with movement, exercise, and environmental exposure, you build the foundation to take yourself out of degeneration and into regeneration.

Is there an app?

Yes! our online programs are available on our proprietary Learning Management System. This can be saved to your device as an app using the instructions at this link.


Don't wait any longer, take action today!

Human Optimization Bundle



10-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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