Functional Patterns Slam Balls


Introducing the Functional Patterns Slam Balls 


  • Grip Enhancing Surface: The FP Slam Ball features a raised, embossed texture covering the entire surface that helps the individual grip the ball throughout the duration of your workout.
  • Durable Outer Layer: Engineered to endure repeated workouts, the FP Slam Ball features a durable rubber shell that absorbs the impact from every slam.
  • 5 Weight Variants: FP Slam Balls are available in 5, 8, 10, 12, and 15 lb weight options, allowing users of any fitness level to find a slam ball right for them. 


All Slam Balls (5-15LBS) are the same size.
  • 9" Diameter 

If ordering 25+ units, contact us directly at for 10% off your order. Include the size variants, quantities, postal code and whether it is a commercial or residential address. Please note, duties and taxes are not included. 




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