Leverage King

Leverage King

Step into the new ERA of glute training
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Build muscle without sacrificing function, and ditch the hip and spine compression that come with traditional glute workouts.
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Leverage King Features

Suitable for Everyone
Use the Leverage King while standing, sitting or lying down. This gives you the flexibility of training yourself and clients, regardless of movement capacity.
Designed for Utility
By working the glutes in a way they evolved to function, you get all the gains, minus the joint pains that come with traditional glute exercises.
Built for Comfort and Durability
We added soft rounded edges to stop the strap from scratching your skin during use, and used a thicker, higher quality neoprene nylon for comfortability and material durability.
Leverage King Dimensions
*Length: 95.58 cm (37.75 in)
*Strap: 26 cm (10 in)
*D-Ring: 6.35 cm (2.5 in)


What is the Leverage King?

The Leverage King is a revolutionary device that wraps around your shin and foot, and made to train your glutes. It can be attached to either a cable machine, or some resistance bands. Harness the power of the Leverage King and unlock new levels of strength and control.

Can I use this with resistance bands?

Yes, this can be used with resistance bands. Simply anchor the band to a door or pole, connect it to the leverage king with a carabiner and you are ready to train.

Is the Leverage King compatible with my cable machine?

Yes, the Leverage King is universally compatible with most cable machines, making it easy to integrate into your existing workout routine.

How is this different from other attachments?

The design allows you to attach the leverage king to your legs while wrapping around the limb creating more stability, torque, and leverage providing optimal strength training stimulus.