Torque Straps

Torque Straps

If you're looking to create better rotational power, this tool will do it better than any other. These days, people are stuck training in the saggital plane of motion, and their bodies become stiff due to their non linear movement capabilities.
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The FP Torque Strap will enable you to train rotation, which is key a component that drives force production and creates balance in the body. We’ll be able to unlock many problematic points keeping you from performing at a high level, without all the nagging joint pain.
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Designed for Comfort
We added soft rounded edges to stop the strap from scratching your skin during use, and used a thicker, higher quality neoprene for comfortability.
Small and Large Pairs
Double your movement versatility with a pair of torque straps. Leverage rotation throughout your entire body through multidimensional movements with the Large, or segment upper and lower body rotation through corrective exercise with the Small
Small Torque Strap Dimensions
  • Total length = 30 in / 72.5 cm
  • Length of loop = 23.5 in / 59.5 cm
  • Width = 2 in / 5 cm
Large Torque Strap Dimensions
  • Total length = 53.5 in / 136 cm
  • Length of loop = 47 in / 119.5 cm
  • Width = 2 in / 5 cm


What do I attach the torque strap to?

Simply use a carabiner to attach your torque strap to a cable machine or resistance band for on the go, rotational training.

Do I need a pulley machine to use the torque strap?

Nope, you can use the Torque Straps with resistance bands as well

How do I use the torque strap?

Simply attach it to a resistance band or pulley machine, wrap it around your shoulder and turn your body to generate torque

Which size Torque Strap do I need?

The Torque Straps are sold as a pair so you can use the small for rotational based corrective exercise and the large for multiplanar dynamic ballistic movements