RG Bar

RG Bar

Introducing the RG Bar™ The ultimate tool to building the rawest form of functional strength you can achieve.
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**We note our patent pending product was made with a specific design, so we do highly recommend purchasing our RG Bar™ Workout tutorials along with this product so you can learn how to use the product correctly and as intended.
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RG Bar Features:

High Grade Aluminum Parts
Indented Handles to Allow for Extra Grip
Carabiner Included for Securing your RG bar to a Pulley Machine
Rotary Handle Function to Allow your Wrists to Move Freely During Use
RG Bar Dimensions
*Length end to end: 101 cm (40 in)
*Handle thickness: 3.2 cm (1.3 in)
*Weight: 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs)


Do I need a Pulley Machine to use the RG bar?

The RG bar was designed to be used as an accessory for cable machines. For best results, pair with the FP Regen trainer

Can I use the RG bar with Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands can be substituted for a pulley machine, however, you will need to check frequently for any fraying of the band and discontinue use at any sign of damage.

How Can I learn to use the RG bar?

The RG Bar™ Workout tutorial was created to teach you to leverage the RG bar's patented rotational mechanism and build your strength training plan

How much time do I need to train with the RG Bar and Workout?

The RG Bar techniques in this program will have you leveraging every muscle in a full body workout to build raw functional power in record time. We recommend training 3-5 times per week for about 30-60 minutes each.

Can this help me recover from an injury?

The body has a remarkable capacity to regenerate when provided with the right stimulus. When the time comes to resume training after injury, the RG bar provides a low-impact way to leverage your body to build functional muscle mass and help you regenerate and leave injuries in the past!