Apr 2021

How to use a Theracane on your Pectoralis Minor (Video)

The Theracane is by far one of the most underrated tools for Myofascial Release. It's versatility for MFR I would say is only second to the Lacrosse ball. That being said, the Theracane has ways of getting to trigger points that I am yet to be able to find out of another piece of equipment. The Theracane is perfect for this trigger-point because of how well it can pinpoint small sections of muscular tissue. In this video, I show you how to get into a small area on the upper body called the Pectoralis Minor. You specifically want that in this release with this tool because the location of the Pectoralis Minor is very deep and also very hard to find. Most people who have shoulder and neck problems usually have major problems with their upper Pectorals. This is usually related to stress and dysfunctional movement patterns that are repeated in our daily reality. Getting to this dysfunction is definitely not an option if you want to optimize your posture and say away from shoulder and neck pain.

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