Apr 2021

Here's a basic workout to ease you into my method (video)

I've gotten several e-mails from people giving me accolades for what I do, but also venting their frustrations on how I haven't given them the basics to start from. In this video I cover 3 basic movements to get you started on doing the Functional Patterns method. It's best to run these in a circuit to make sure you get your heart rate elevated.

3 exercises covered:

Transverse Twist - As functional as it gets, this exercise targets almost every muscle in the body. If done correctly you should feel it primarily in the core.

One arm row - Beneficial for contra lateral engagement of the Lats and Glutes. One of the most powerful movements you can doe. This exercise is great for building Posture.

Pendulum Squat - Fantastic alternative to a regular squat. This exercise involves rhythm and timing, which most regular loaded squats don't offer.

Practice Practice Practice!!!