Apr 2021

Improve your posture with a Han Bo (video)

We have all heard it before, "DON'T SLOUCH"! Poor Posture is a problem that affects pretty much everyone in our culture. The continuous patterns of slumping over a desk, sitting in a car and constant stressing lead us into having a bad posture. If these patterns are repeated frequent enough, they will stick around for a lifetime and continually get worse until a nice little hump behind your neck pops up. In the process of getting that hump, you'll find many growing pains like headaches, neck pain, rotator cuff impingement with an assortment of other annoyances. If this doesn't appeal to you and sounds like something you don't want to have happen to you, I would strongly recommend learning what I'm teaching in my videos. I am a firm believer that good posture should be innate and that you shouldn't have to focus on trying to stand up straighter consciously. That only goes so far and usually if you do that, you'll recruit the wrong muscles groups and create more problems as a result. The body should be unconsciously competent about have functional patterns so that it never miscompensates. My method applies techniques on the opposite extreme of our imbalanced cultural reality to counter balance the degeneration of your body's structural alignment.

Here's a video I use with the Han Bo to correct posture