Apr 2021

Scapular Winging and Shoulder Pain - Pec Minor Release

Welcome to another day of our 30 day Myofascial release series.

Today we will tackle a technique to help us with a scapular wing.

The muscle we will focus on is the Pectoralis Minor.




Naudi Aguilar:
Hello and welcome to yet another day of the 30 day myofascial release challenge. I'm Naudi Aguilar and I will be showing you guys yet another myofascial release technique to help balance out the shoulder joint. The area we're going to be attacking won't be the pec minor, it's going to be just right under here underneath the clavicle.

That pec minor usually gets tight on most people when they tend to have that kyphotic posture. But even when people extend their t spine, they oftentimes still ends up having this tightness on the pec minor that draws you into this scapular wing that so many people know you don't know what a scapular wing is just go on Google, you'll find plenty of information on what is capital wing is anyway, it's got the, the, the pectoralis minor is what actually draws the scapula forward and it actually pulls it to some degree around the ribcage and that's what gives it that winging effect.

So if we can release those tissues, it's quite likely that the scapula will sit into more of a neutral point and you will get better shoulder range of motion and function. So all we're going to do to get into that tissue, we're going to use our trusty Thera cane right here. I'm going to bring both hands over the top here, and we're using a pry just right underneath that clavicle. To break those tissues up.

Gain light pressure at the beginning until you begin to feel a release. If you do feel a numbness writing down that writing down the arm or any presentation goal writing down the arm, release, reset, try finding the dense points and then start attacking that again, you should just feel muscles getting released here.

You should not be feeling any kind of nervy sensations or any kinds of blockages going down the arm. This should feel like it's just strictly a muscular release. So you get in there, good, gentle first and then once you get into it, then you can start putting pressure as you begin to adapt into this kind of stimuli. I'll see you guys very soon with yet another myofascial release technique. Take care