Sep 2020

From constant pains to movement gains

From constant pains to movement gains. People of all ages and levels getting results utilizing Functional Patterns.
HBS practitioner @fp_alex.pennington and his client yet again with the amazing results here. When you take people who have clear talent and give them the tools, they do the "impossible"!

WATCH TILL THE END. We are now running! Since my last post on my client Mike’s gait, we have been putting in consistent work. In the first video Mike struggled a lot with just walking. He was in constant pain and his body jarred in every step. The second video he has much improved stability and a large reduction in his overall daily pain. •

Now Mike is able to not only walk without pain, he can now run. Something he has been unable to do in a decade. After hip replacements and knee surgeries, his doctors said he would never run again. Now look where we are.
All training done here with @functionalpatterns techniques