Apr 2021

Basic Biomechanics Training for MMA w/ UFC fighter Reuben Duran

Here is a video of me giving UFC fighter Reuben Duran the breakdown of how an effective biomechanical structure should operate.

Like many other fighters I have worked with, pain and injury seem to be the common theme. Since most pain and injury are a derivative of poor neuro-muscular coordination at an innate level, it becomes increasingly important to address the innate deficiencies first with every fighter I see. If a foundation is not set in place, then there's no where to build from and it's likely that the athlete will only compound their imbalances leading them to injury thereafter.

In this video, I cover the fundamentals of why a person's feet would point outward in external rotation, along with many other topics that are relevant to building a good base for athletics and life in general.

These are all topics I systematically address in my "Human Foundations" series. Be sure to check them out if you're looking to bring your own body back to a point of efficiency.